Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ready .Set. Go Again.

After giving myself a very long, lazy, needed break I started toiling and draping again. I had a few things already in mind that I wanted to do after my critique, (which went really well by the way.. so I'm very happy)! I don't return to Uni for another two weeks but we are required to have work done by the time we start again! I'm actually looking forward to going back as during the semester I'm always so busy that I hardly know what to do with myself during the break...

I got ten meters of polyester (because it is just for toiling) silk chiffon pleated, at Rado Pleating, to make a pair of trousers.. I have to say that sewing pleats is quite a challenge.

The finished fabric comes sandwiched inbetween the paper that is pressed to create the permanent pleats.

I've mainly been working on creating more volume throughout the silhouettes, because this was a feature that was recognised in my range drawings and toiles and suggested to be further pushed and explored. Right now only clean lines are being experimented with so when we have fittings in the first week back I can begin to alter the designs.

Looking really trendy being my own fit model for a day. Further pushing the historic influence in the volume of my silhouettes.


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