Sunday, 3 April 2011

Blast From the Past... (or just last year).

We just had our first drape workshop with Armando - I LOVE draping. I much prefer draping to flat pattern making because I can instantly see if something works or not with the fabric I am using, and because I can be slightly impatient, I enjoy seeing the instant results of something in front of me. But before I go too deep into that - it just brings me back to our third year Women's Wear assignment, where drape was heavily used throughout the project. I feel this is where I really realised what my style and potential was. I loved translating my research into draping... and finally into a range that I was proud of. This is the jacket I made myself that was inspired by the claustrophobic notions of a straitjacket. I am still yet to get them professionally photographed, I would like to do that over the Easter break!

Muse: Luke Harkness in Straitjacket. Photographs by Nick and Julian May.

"Breakthrough" Collection: Woolen Jacket with leather trim and belts.

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