Friday, 8 April 2011

The Drawing Board.

I have just been updating my design journal for the Assessment Two hand-in; continuing to manipulate drape-work into designs. Additionally,we have to source potential materials we wish to use in our collection, so I went around Sydney yesterday to conduct some fabric research. I found plum coloured leather that I fell in love with ... however it was apparently the "last of it's colour" and was guilted into purchasing what was left. I am determined to design around it, as I have simply fallen in love with it.

Tomorrow I am taking a workshop at Birdsall Leather to learn more design skills that I am able to incorporate throughout my colletction (watch this space!)
(NB: I have taken into consideration the ethics behind using leather throughout my collection and am hoping to use leather that is a bi-product of the meat industry as much as I can.)

Top Images: Photographs of my journal. Bottom Images: Inspiration wall in my workroom and the plum-coloured leather I plan to work with!

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  1. Hi van who I love your latest design for Sunsilk, it looks very promising. Also I like the choice of material ie leather to be used for the final year project. It all is going to be very exciting and I am folowing the progress with much interst.
    van ton