Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sunsilk Competition.

So I found myself in the top 12 finalists for a design competion for Sunsilk, sponsored by Coles. We were required to submit a sketch that was inspried by the Sunsilk products, (and yes, I do mean the hair-care brand), that was slightly avant-garde and full of bright colour. For anyone that knows me well enough they would know that I tend to steer away from neons, fluoros or anything really bright! So this competition was going to always be a little bit of a challenge for me.

I must say the experience has been, and I'm sure will be, worthwhile. We have been able to experience being critiqued in front of panels of judges (nerve-wracking to say the least), and work with makers outside of university.

The final designs will be paraded down a runway after next week, and the winner receives a $3000 cash reward!

The (very basic) sketch of my design that was submitted for the competition.
The blouse underneath the dress will be made from this plum coloured organza silk; and the dress is made up from this neon-pink seude. To maintain the "bell-shape" silhouette, I have constructed a crinoline to be worn underneath the dress!

I will be sure to post images up of the final product, and hopefully images from the show too! And lastly (but not least) ...a congratulations to the other finalists:

Kim Ashlee Ord
Caitlin davies-Forsyth
Rebecca Davis
Rachel Zuch
Danielle Kremer
Kacey Devlin
Jason Widjaja
Peneloppe Allen
Matt Dolan
Fiona Hyojin Kim
Cortney White 

I'm really excited to see how it will all come together!

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