Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Lost Dynasty.

As mentioned in the previous post, we are encouraged to build up a narrative to inform and inspire our design decisions. I have been thoroughly researching the shooting of the Royal Romanov family. The royal family had been in their hiding home for several months before they were sentenced to death, and around midnight on July 17th 1918, the family was woken up in and ordered to put on their clothes, and head to the basement where they were shot brutally by a firing squad.

I found this montage of videos from movies that have been made about the shooting of the Romanov Family. I find it helps to be able to understand and feel the order events when you can visualise them. This YouTube video gives viewers an idea of how brutal the shootings were.

Within the collage in the previous post below, there is an image of a decayed room: that is the actual room that the shooting took place in.

The significance behind this attack is that they were the last Romanovs; a dynasty killed off as an act of revolt and rebellion.

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