Wednesday, 16 March 2011

What's in a Narrative?

Armando, our mentor, keeps encouraging us to create a narrative that will inform our designs: a story that we can fall back on for inpsiration, or a character that will tell us who we are designing for... a muse. Essentially, my narrative will be drawn from the people and characters found in the Imperial period, before the Russian Revolution, such as the Romanov Family.

The Romanov Family was brutally murdered as a result of protest and revolt of the working class during Imperial Russia 1917...I want to create a mood that embodies the anger of the working class mixed or moulded with Royalty during this time; as if to create a "taking over" or "swapping" of social order.

This narrative is yet to be pushed further, however I created a collage of a woman I could imagine would capture the mood I intend to portray.

Collage from my design journal.

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