Saturday, 7 May 2011

I Can See a Rainbow.

Last Thursday, in our dye workshop, I had the opportunity to experiment with dying fabrications that were similar, or the same, as the fabrics I will be using in my collection. I bought various wool samples that morning - from crepe wools to waffle wools and shirting wools all in an off white and cream. In addition to the wool I experimented with dying a beige ponte (a really heavy, structured jersey).

After the session it became obvious that I will need to spend a solid day or two experimenting with dying. Warning: colour on the bottle is not the colour that comes out on your fabric! It took my friend Trish and I about an hour to test out aproximately 5 different reds just to get a really deep wine-red or burgundy.

A few fabric swatches for texture and colour inspiration.

The raw wools. All the wool I used to dye was 100% natural fibre - the dying process works much better.

I have much more experimenting to do! I do like the purples and plums that came through (on the top image) though!

Watch this space... Colour and fabrication is bound to keep changing!

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