Monday, 16 May 2011

My [Digital Printing] Love Affair.

I have chosen to further push the concept I am exploring within my collection through textiles: that is, the contrast between social classes throughout Imperial Russia up until the Russian Revolution.

To do this I will be printing textures and fabrications that were indicative of the working class peasants (eg. raw wools, tweeds, furs and leathers) onto luxurious fabrications that resonate with the textiles of the elite (eg. silks, finer wool and silk blends).

In fewer words, I have printed textures onto fabrics as a digital textile print. The results that came out were better than I expected - and will be making a trip to Think Positive for my digital prints!! The prints will be mainly for shirts and some silk panels that make an appearance in some of my skirt designs!

The almighty Digital Printer.

Printing tweed onto silk.

The tweed print creates an interesting illusion.

Larger scale tweed print.

Some digital printing experiments.

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