Sunday, 22 May 2011

Toile - noun: a garment of exclusive design made up in cheap cloth so that alterations and experiments can be made.

So the toiling process has begun! All fashion people will agree with me that toiling is no easy task! It always somehow manages to take about five times longer than you expected, with many alterations along the way. So far I am working on look number one: a skirt, jacket and a shirt. With the skirt and the jacket being the statement pieces of the look, I have kept the silhouette and shape of the shirt very minimalist and clean, with a slight detailing on the collar. The collar and placket are in a plum coloured leather, and the actual body of the shirt will be printed with one of my digital print designs.

This is the first toile of my very first shirt. Keep in mind alterations are to be made and the design will most likely (in fact, most definitely) evolve.

Collar detaling. Toiled with the actual plum-coloured leather and a wool-crepe imitation.

In my workroom.

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